Kaytee Champlin

Hi! I’m Kaytee Stephens, a senior copywriter in Dallas, TX. I specialize in creative copy and content creation.

For me, the greatest thrills in life are traveling, estate sales, and finding the exact right words to express an idea.

With 7+ years copywriting experience, I've worked with agencies, tech startups, universities, and nonprofits creating and curating awesome content that brings brands to life. I'm happiest in a collaborative, forward-thinking environment (with good coffee).

Work History


2019 - Present

As Copywriter for a portfolio of brands including Tostitos, Smartfood, Stacy's and more, I worked with art directors and strategists to brainstorm and write social media campaigns that outperformed expectations, as well as commercial scripts and product packaging copy. I was also involved with marketing research and implementation of PepsiCo’s mission toward sustainability.


2017 - Present

Projects include:
Content director at UT Southwestern.
Content strategist and copywriter for Collin College.
Annual report editor for Better Block.
Brand strategist for several small businesses.


2018 - 2019

As a Senior Copywriter at this national agency, I collaborated with designers and art directors on full marketing campaigns for dozens of clients. I oversaw copywriting for the Microsoft annual conference, including newsletters, landing pages, and on-site activations. One notable project (a personal favorite, honestly!) was orchestrating real-time social media and activations for InterContinental Hotels Group during the 2018 Super Bowl in Atlanta.


2016 - 2017

Academic Partnerships assists universities with their online degree programs via marketing, enrollment and academic services. As Marketing Copywriter, I worked closely with the design, coding, SEO, and other teams to create inspirational, informative content. We created every marketing asset that our clients needed in order to launch and operate online programs, such as landing pages, email campaigns, print collateral and social media.

SAGE Quick Technologies

2015 - 2016

My role as Marketing Communication Coordinator at SAGE was a unique one. One on side, I oversaw B2B marketing to drive sales and customer retention—company newsletters, tradeshow materials, as well as the corporate blog and editorial calendar—in addition to the internal corporate communications. The other half of the job involved developing marketing materials for our clients to use—B2C emails and newsletters, print catalogues, and social media. During my time here, I worked with the design team to develop creative assets and modernize the company’s marketing campaigns, and increased blog readership by 300%.


Kaytee is the most fun and up-beat person and she can also write like no one's business. She really brings the magic as a team member. She is focused on producing the best work possible for the client and makes sure briefs and goals are aligned.

—Christie Kaplan, Senior Product Designer

Always upbeat and a multi-tasker at heart, Kaytee brings extreme value to any creative team. She's a resilient high-achiever, an astute content creator who knows her market well and motivates readers through tight, compelling writing that ignites action.

—Karen Steinmann, Writer & Editor

email: hello@kaytee.me