Kaytee Stephens

Creative Copywriter

Hello! I'm an experienced copywriter with roots (and a B.A.) in creative writing. I spend my days writing web content, crafting marketing emails, and triple-checking my grammar.

I'm happiest in a collaborative, forward-thinking environment (with good coffee).

Check out my video résumé: kaytee.me/video


How would I describe myself?

  • Creative
  • Analytical
  • Enthusiastic

Any opportunity to bring a project to life through fresh and experimental writing is definitely my jam. Whether it's blogs, creative content, newsletters, or the occasional southern gothic short story, there's always room for a memorable flourish.

Because my writing is founded by a love for language, I approach every project with thoughtful creativity and precision.


I've worked with agencies, tech startups, universities, small businesses and non-profits creating and curating awesome content that readers can really get into.

In my current portfolio, you can find examples of web content, landing pages, email marketing, newsletters, videos, and blog posts. I'm happy to provide project-specific samples upon request.

View my portfolio here: www.clippings.me/kayteechamplin.

Kaytee Stephens


I'd love to hear about your project needs and chat about how my skills can contribute.

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